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We provide trading Forex ideas about working expedition bases which are fully kitted out for the use of engaged parties wishing to discover and explore the exciting environment in the Brecon Beacons.

The base we recommend is located right in the heart of this stunning mountain range, beside a cwm that leads into a river. The base offers accommodation for over 30 people, beds, cabin beds, bunk beds and double bed options, 10 showers with lots of hot water, a functioning kitchen with many cooking facilities (refrigerator, freezer and the rest) a very big dining room, comfy seating area and laundry room.

For hikers and ramblers, the access to a number of open hill, mountain, moorland and coastal treks is very difficult to find elsewhere. River kayaking closeby is hard to better than close to the base and there is easy access to the varied and rugged coast line with white beaches and choppy bays, islands and inlets. The rock climbing that is nearby is still almost undiscovered and boundless. Even nowadays much of this land remains invisible to walkers, hikers, rowers and other adventurous spirits.

If this area of Wales has been a location that you have been meaning to go to but has always seemed too far to take all of the relevant equipment you require or seemed too pricy to reach then perhaps the expedition base we recommend is the answer you have been after.

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At this website we discuss and recommend adventure travel expeditions overseas and outside of the UK.

Adventure holidays

We provide suggestions for outdoor activity holidays for adults, whole families, school trips, college trips and young people from across the continent and beyond. We recommend the remote Brecon Beacons of Wales a wild landscape that is perfect for adventure, finding new things and exploration. If you want to partake in a specialist or many-activity break that involves Walking, Abseiling, Land yachting, Orienteering, Rock Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Climbing, Surfing, Survival and many more things for a week, a weekend or a day then our recommendations are maybe what you are searching for.

We offer suggestions for exciting outdoor tasks for adults, teenagers young people and families. Experience the excitement and fun of Climbing, Abseiling, Sea Kayaking, Sea Traverse and Walking. Every day you can partake in an entertaining activity in a place that isn’t busy but accessible. Activities are watched over by trained staff. Their skills and knowledge will make sure your safety isn’t compromised while allowing you to make the most of the activities and the stunning beauty of our remote and wild environment. All specialist and safety equipment is given to you on site for all of the venues we recommend.

Please get in touch letting us know your requirements for the holiday or trip that you are planning and we will suggest an appropriate task.

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