Through our expedition leaders, UK office and field offices Yomps has direct access to trained specialist travel professionals ensuring we not only have the best sources of information to offer you the trip of a life time off the beaten track but also that we can do this in a safe and responsible way.

Antony Wilson - Director

Antony was in the IT corporate industry for 20 years working for large insurance organisations, until finally having enough and wished for a new life. His decided to go on a Global Vision International expedition in Africa and fell in love with “the bush”. He attended a Safari Guide course and was lucky enough to be a Safari Guide in a Big 5 reserve. Antony then worked for Global Vision International as their Expedition Manager at Karongwe Game Reserve. He moved to Yomps in September 2006 where he now works with a young enthusiastic team who use their first hand experience to bring you amazing adventures around the world.

As well as being an experienced Safari guide who is qualified to walk you into “Dangerous Game”, he is also a Scuba Dive Master and has a love for wildlife photography. Antony’s claim to fame is he used to be a drummer and the pop group he was with got into the Top 30 single chart!

Tom Smith - Volunteer Coordinator

Tom graduated with a BA (Hons) International Business from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, where he spent half of his degree on exchanges in Canada and France. Throughout his studies, he spent his summers traveling around North America, Europe and Africa. His love for travel is reflected in his other interests, including plenty of skiing in the French Alps, foreign cinema, French food and languages. He’s fluent in French, a PADI Advanced Open Water scuba diver and a Brighton RNLI lifeboat crew member.

After spending time both volunteering and being involved in a variety of conservation programmes around the world, Tom returned to the UK where he became the latest addition to the Yomps team. He brings a wealth of travel and international experience to the team and is now the coordinator for the volunteering projects at Yomps.

Ben Gorelick & Jaya Marr - Patagonia

Ben Gorelick and Jaya Marr have been a guiding team in Alaska and South America. On a climbing trip to Chile, they fell in love with the beauty of the Aysen region of Patagonia and decided to make it their home.

Hailing from Chickaloon, Alaska, Ben has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Alaska Pacific University. He has split his guiding career between Alaska and Patagonia, while indulging his passion for climbing all over the world, including Alaska, Mongolia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Thailand, and New Zealand. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid instructor, a Leave No Trace Trainer, an Avalanche Safety I instructor, and a Swiftwater Rescue technician.

Jaya is from New Zealand. She has guided in Patagonia, Alaska, and on the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers in New Zealand. Her climbing career spans the highest peaks of New Zealand, Alaska, and Patagonia. Last year she was part of an all women’s team on Denali (Mt. McKinley), the highest peak in North America. She is a Wilderness First Responder, is Avalanche Safety I instructor, a Leave No Trace Master, and Swiftwater Rescue tecnician. She has also served as a member of the West Coast Alpine Rescue team and Fox Glacier Ambulance brigade. Ben and Jaya have an engaging and entertaining teaching style. They get great satisfaction by helping others learn to do the things they thoroughly enjoy doing themselves.

Chris Patterson - Venezuela

Chris left bonny Scotland when he was 17 to travel the world. He became a sailboat skipper, and scuba diver in the Caribbean before guiding on some of the most remote areas of the Amazon. He has also guided trips into the Kalahari desert in Africa, Nambia, mountains in Canada, and Argentina. He then settled in Venezuela (for the last 10 years). He loves hats, sunnies and small furry things! Is often portrayed by the media as South Americas answer to crocodile Dundee (the hat again), as loves to get down in the jungle catching snakes, red howler monkeys(furry things) and anything else that moves! He has even been known to swim with the pirana's! Courageous, spontaneous, outrageous and likes the ridiculous. Now married to a beautiful Venezuelan (Ada) with 3 wonderful children. Has it slowed him down? No way! Venezuela Operations manager and head honcho!

Brendan Topp - Venezuela

Brendan Topp is 28 and born in Scotland Aberdeen. Travelling is his passion and he loves all 'real life' events. Brendan has been in Venezuela for 4 years and he loves the country for it's people, it's energy, soul, passion, nature, dance, sun, food, blue seas, diversity, language, climate and music. He believes each and everyone of us can make a difference in this world and with the right attitude everything is possible. He loves leading expeditions and completing volunteer work projects.

Katie Rooke - South Africa

Katie was first inspired by Africa on a trip to Zimbabwe when she was just 11 years old. This propelled her to work towards a career in Africa and hence a degree in Zoology and Marine biology at the Univeristy of Aberdeen. After graduating in 2005, Katie moved to Africa and passed her FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) Level 1 guiding assessment at Safari School. She went on to work as a guide at Entabeni Private game reserve in the Waterberg Mountains where she gained her FGASA Level 2 qualification. Katie's next journey took her to the Lowveld region where she worked as the Science Officer on a predator research programme. Here, she was responsible for collating, analysing and presenting data on the lion, leopard, hyena and cheetah populations that were monitored. She also achieved her Trails Guide qualification.

Katie joined the Wilderness Conservation Project in March 2008. She loves the huge variety of work carried out by the programme and admits she has a soft spot for seeing the lions! She also enjoys the birds and the excitement of not knowing what's around the next corner. Katie has a passion for traveling and has visited over 36 countries in 6 continents. Her favourite sport is snowboarding so unfortunately that is on hold for a while due to the lack of snow in South Africa!

Joe Cutler - South Africa

Originally from the UK, Joe first moved to Africa in January 2006 to attend Safari School. On completing his FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) Level 1 Field Guiding qualification he moved to Entabeni Private game reserve where he worked as a Field Guide working with international guests. Based out of the tented camp, Joe was responsible for guests throughout the duration of their stay including game drives, entertainment, bush activities and walks. In between all this he also found time to qualify as a FGASA Level 2 Guide.

Joe moved on from the Waterberg Mountains to the Lowveld region and Joined the Wilderness Conservation Project team in September 2007. He was involved in the setting up of the project and the establishment of the various work sections involved. During this time, Joe also passed his Trails Guide qualification with flying colours! He loves having the opportunity to get out in to the bush and make a physical difference every day and has a real passion for reptiles. Snakes are his favourite and he even keeps some himself as pets.

Joe has taken every opportunity to travel to the different parts of Southern Africa whilst here and particularly enjoyed Namibia and Mozambique. He loves sport both to play and to watch and is a life long, avidly committed, Bristol City Footbal Club supporter!

Stu and Mike - Swiss Paragliding

STUART (Left of picture)
Chief Pilot.

Stuart has been teaching paragliding in the Alps for over 10 years and holds the highest instructor rating available. Stuart has logged over 4,000 hours under a paraglider and has years of experience as a competitor, instructor, and a test pilot.

He was trained to fly aeroplanes by the RAF and acquired his PPL, (Private Pilots Licence) at the mere age of 17. Since then he has carried on to fly helicopters, sail planes, hang-gliders and paragliders.

FSVL and OFAC paragliding Instructor and Instructor trainer.
FSVL and OFAC pilot and tandem instructor
SIV Advanced paragliding coach
FSVL Hang-gliding rating
JAA PPL, (private pilots licence)
PAC Free fall parachute licence

PADI Medic First Aid Instructor and SS CPR qualified.
RYA Coastal Skipper
PADI Scuba Instructor

LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

MIKE (Right of picture)
Flight Training Instructor.

Mike is Stuart's twin brother. He is a passionate and experienced pilot, who also has thousands of hours of flying all types of aircraft from aeroplanes to paragliders. Mike’s passion for flying along with his sense of humour and love for life are some of the greatest assets to the academy.

FSVL and OFAC paragliding pilot and FGA Instructor
SIV Advanced paragliding coach
FSVL and OFAC Tandem rating
JAA PPL (Private Pilots Licence)
PAC Freefall parachute licence

PADI Medic first aid instructor
PADI Scuba Instructor

LANGUAGES: English and French

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