Scuba Diving with Yomps

From Learning to Dive to Becoming a Dive Professional

Whether you want to learn to dive, get involved in marine conservation, or become a PADI dive professional by doing a Divemaster course or even become an instructor with an IDC course, then we’ve got it covered at Yomps.

Learning to Dive
Always wanted to dive but can’t cope with the cold sea or don’t want to pay a fortune getting ripped off in an expensive country? Then why not learn with Yomps in countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, America and Fiji. Theres nothing better than diving in the Carribean, Pacific and other great locations.
Depending on which course you go on, there are also opportunities to learn another language, get involved in marine research projects, or go on adventure trips.

Marine Conservation
You can learn to dive and get involved in Marine conservation as well, or go as a diver and learn another PADI qualification.

PADI Professional Courses
If you want to get into the dive industry or just want to get to a good level of experience and do lots of diving then why not look at doing a professional qualification. Whether you want to be a Divemaster or go even further and become an instructor then see our trips below.

Tom, the Volunteer Coordinator at Yomps, recently visited the Mexico Marine Research Conservation volunteering project and has created an online account of his experiences. So if you're interested in reading more about this particular volunteering trip, flicking through recent photo's and checking out some of his diving movies, then visit his Mexico Marine Conservation Blog (opens in a new window).

Related Trips

Mexico Marine Conservation Divemaster Internship - Volunteering Trip

Spend six months in Mexico and volunteer towards marine conservation before gaining dive experience and skills whilst interning in a local dive centre. Put your scuba diving skills to use as you volunteer to protect the world’s second largest barrier reef – the stunning Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system. Gain valuable work experience and become a professionally qualified PADI Divemaster in stunning tropical surroundings!

Full Details

Florida Divemaster Course - Adventure Expedition

Join the ultimate Divemaster course in Florida with a Five Star PADI Dive Centre. Obtain PADI dive qualifications in Open Water (unless already qualified), Advanced Open Water, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Drift Diver, U/W Navigator, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Nitrox Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster, get Emergency First Responder/CPR qualifications and log 60 dives on the world’s third largest barrier reef with over one hundred dive sites. Dive with stunning marine life such as goliath groupers, lobster, turtles, barracuda, corals, tropical fish, stay at a beachfront Fort Lauderdale hotel, become a PADI Dive Professional and have the most amazing scuba diving experience of your life!

Full Details

Fiji Divemaster Internship - Adventure Expedition

Obtain a PADI Divemaster diving qualification in Fiji, get experience working in the dive industry, dive with experienced Divemasters to learn the trade, scuba dive to see Fiji’s incredible marine life, learn about equipment maintenance and cylinder filling, volunteer on marine conservation projects to help endangered coral reefs, explore stunning Fijian islands and obtain a qualification to work in the scuba diving industry on this remarkable Fijian diving adventure!

Full Details

Learn to Surf, Scuba Dive and Speak Spanish in Ecuador - Special

Earn two PADI qualifications in the stunning Pacific Ocean, learn to surf in one of the world’s best surf locations, learn Spanish, go on a variety of trips and have the time of your life on this amazing Ecuadorian adventure!

Full Details

Mexico Marine Research Conservation (Advanced) - Volunteering Trip

Volunteer in Mexico for either 5 or 10 weeks and put your scuba diving skills to excellent use as you help to protect one of the words most pristine barrier reef environments – the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. Open to volunteers who already hold their Open Water or above scuba diving qualifications, this trip offers the chance to stay in a secluded tropical heaven and contribute towards crucial marine conservation initiatives.

Full Details

Mexico Marine Research Conservation (Beginners) - Volunteering Trip

Volunteer in Mexico for either 5 or 10 weeks on this marine conservation expedition and help to protect the world’s second largest barrier reef – the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. As you live in a remote tropical paradise you will learn to scuba dive from a beginner's level (earning PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver certificates), help on community development initiatives and experience the beautiful world that exists beneath the waves!

Full Details

Venezuela Scuba and Adventure Expedition - Special

Earn two PADI scuba diving qualifications, dive in some of the best diving spots in the world, learn Spanish, explore the Orinoco Delta by kayak, live with ‘Warao’ Indians, climb Mount Roraima, visit historic sites, go on a jeep tour to the mystical highlands, relax on Venezuelan beaches, climb and abseil down waterfalls

Full Details

Fiji Diving, Conservation & Culture - Adventure Expedition

Obtain a PADI diving qualification, volunteer on marine conservation projects, help endangered coral reefs, log 30 dives in a haven of soft corals, scuba dive seeing incredible marine life, explore stunning Fijian islands and have a remarkable gap year or travelling experience on this marine conservation adventure that takes you to a ‘hidden paradise’!

Full Details

Train to be a Divemaster & Learn Spanish in Ecuador - Special

Get a PADI Professional Qualification, dive in the Pacific Ocean neighbouring the Galapagos Islands, have up to 80 hours of Spanish lessons, explore pristine beaches, swim in beautiful crystal clear waters and see an amazing spectrum of marine life that includes sea turtles, manta rays, morays and maybe even whales if you are lucky! If you have scuba diving qualifications already then don’t worry we have a modified course to suit your needs and save lots of money!

Full Details

Australia Divemaster Course - Special

Earn a PADI Professional qualification in Australia. In ten weeks, obtain your PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Respond Right First Aid and Divemaster qualifications. Dive with stunning marine life including rays, turtles, sharks and over five hundred other species in the world’s largest marine park and one of Australia’s top ten dive sites. Make new friends on your gap year in Australia and possibly get the chance of a job offer. If you have scuba diving qualifications already then don’t worry, we can modify the course to suit your needs!

Full Details
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