Reasons to Travel to South Africa

Why there has never been a better time to travel to South Africa?

As the credit crunch has really begun to bite at home, there has never been a better time to escape all the doom and gloom of the depressing daily news headlines. At the moment, there are some fantastic deals on cheap flights around and with the Football World Cup 2010 just around the corner, South Africa is thriving. As a bonus, with the South African Rand being at the weakest point it’s been for several is never a better time to get out the rucksack! For example, a beer would usually cost about 6 South African Rand in most bars, working out at just over 40p/ 60 cents!

Situated on the Southernmost tip of the wild continent of Africa, the Republic of South Africa is one of the most fascinating and diverse countries on the planet. From the awesome creatures of Kruger National Park, the unspoilt white sand beaches on the Garden Route to the cosmopolitan cafe culture in Cape Town, South Africa provides travellers and workers with an array of adventure overseas travel opportunities.

The land is famed for its wide variety of wildlife. From the spectacular whales off the shores of Plettenberg Bay to the majestic lions that prowl around the game reserves, this naturally blessed country has it all. More and more people are taking the time to appreciate South Africa and its animals by experiencing the wilderness firsthand via different types of travel.

Firstly, if you’re looking for a chance to hit the road and tour South Africa, then overlanding is a great place to start. Coast comfortably from location to location in especially designed overlanding 4x4 vehicles, stopping along the way at the famous landmarks, such as the Drakensberg Mountain Range, the Swaziland Kingdom or the world famous Table Mountain!

Secondly, there’s volunteering. Volunteering simply means giving your time and efforts to focus on a worthwhile cause, whether it being volunteering towards Community Development, Wildlife Research or Marine Research. You can be assured that you’ll have great experiences, pick up new skills and meet fascinating people along the way.

Finally, there are a variety of courses and programmes open to those who’d like to pick up a qualification or two. Safari guiding courses at safari schools are a popular choice, allowing those who join them to gain knowledge and a better understanding of the African bush, all whilst living deep in the heart of the nature reserves. Depending on what you want to do, the programmes range from one to six months in time and you can become FGASA (Field Guiding Association of South Africa) qualified. Perfect as part of a career break or gap year, these courses can lead to full time paid employment on the stunning game reserves of South Africa!

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Wilderness Conservation Project - Volunteering Trip

Volunteer on a South African wildlife and conservation project for 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks; assist with the wild cheetah re-introduction project, learn about game reserve management on a game reserve in Africa, track animals such as lions, leopards, elephants and rhino and contribute towards the future sustainability of a unique and beautiful wilderness area.

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Wildlife Research Volunteering - Volunteering Trip

Be a wildlife research volunteer in South Africa for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks to track lions, observe and record their behaviour, study elephants and rhinos, look for and collar new animals, learn about conservation research techniques, assist with data processing, learn about the African bush and qualify with the Field Guide Association of South Africa.

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Wildlife Sanctuary and Community Education - Volunteering Trip

Volunteer in South Africa on this Wildlife Sanctuary and Community Education programme for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Whilst living in a spectacular wildlife sanctuary, volunteers help on this African community to educate South African children and care for sick and vulnerable wild animals. Whether part of your gap year, career break or ethical holiday; volunteering in South Africa on this worthwhile project gives you the chance to inspire and educate local children, and contribute to the future of South African wildlife.

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Horse Safari Work Experience, Zululand - Volunteering Trip

Experience equine work experience like no other whilst volunteering on this horse safari adventure in a South African Game Park! Volunteers have the chance to go on breathtaking rides in the ‘big game’ area of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, gaining hands-on experience managing a herd of magnificent horses that are trained specifically to go on safaris into the stunning wilderness of Africa.

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Johannesburg to Cape Town 18 day Overland Tour - Special

South Africa tour overland takes you between Johannesburg and Cape Town in vehicles especially designed to access the off-the-beaten track highlights this rich country has to offer: brave ‘Big Five’ game reserves on foot, experience Kruger National Park, explore the Drakensberg Mountains, visit the Swaziland Kingdom, cruise through Knysna on a boat journey, stroll along unspoiled sun-kissed beaches, hike Table Mountain and visit unique locations on this impressive overland tour!

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Marine Research and Community Volunteering - Volunteering Trip

Volunteer for either 2, 4, 8 or 12 weeks at a world renowned marine conservation research organisation in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Tag fish, collect data and take photos of dolphins and a variety of whales. Gain a Local Marine Guiding Programme qualification and participate in commercial eco-tourism activities. Volunteer at a community project for disadvantaged children, help to organise local marine awareness campaigns, monitor and help clean local beaches – do all this and much much more!

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Wildlife Training in South Africa, 4 Weeks - Yomper Stomper

Learn the skills of a safari guide, discover how to survive in the South African bush, master the art of tracking wildlife, drive a 4x4, camp out in the wilds, shoot a rifle, see the ‘big five’, witness a variety of birds, identify a plethora of plant species, successfully qualify as having the knowledge of a field guide and have a fantastic adventure!

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Safari School South Africa, 6 Months - Special

Learn how to be a safari guide for 6 months, discover how to survive in the South African bush, become skilled in the art of tracking wildlife, learn 4x4 skills, sleep out in the African bush, learn to shoot, see amazing wildlife, successfully qualify as a professional safari guide and immerse yourself in the ways and wilds of the South African wilderness!

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Horse Safari Work Experience, Karongwe - Volunteering Trip

Experience a new aspect to equine work and management in a totally new and wild environment. Based deep in the heart of the South African lowveld, in a ‘Big Five’ game reserve, participants will be a back-up rider on horse safaris and help to manage a herd of 40 stunning safari horses, to gain a new perspective on horse work whilst creating the memories of a lifetime!

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