Swiss Paragliding Pilots Course...
Costs£2990 / $5980 (US) / €3887
Group Sizeup to 10
Dates29 May to 26 Jun 2011
14 Aug to 11 Sep 2011

Swiss Paragliding Pilots Course: Full Itinerary

Student Testimonial - Below is a testimonial provided by a student who attended the Paragliding Course during the summer of 2009.

"On arrival to the lodge, I was struck by the luxurious surroundings and the scale and beauty of the surrounding mountains. On my first evening, a cosy fire place was burning away as I relaxed into the comfy armchairs after a three course dinner and a glass of wine, made possible by our host friendly Michelle. In the morning I was introduced to our friendly, full of energy fly-guides and paragliding coaches, Mike, Stu and the rest of the gang. What ensued was probably the most memorable and totally exhilarating four weeks of my life...During my stay, I made some great friends, and learnt so much more about paragliding, meteorology and airspace than ever before, realizing that my stay had seriously accelerated my awareness and pleasure of the sport. I had the chance to learn to fly and become a tandem pilot, and on return home, found a 91% pass rate at my pilot exam!! I can't recommend coming to this school highly enough. If you're a beginner, or a total pro at paragliding, you will undoubtebly gain a valuable amount of experience and have some serious, serious fun! Oh, and the Raclette is worth a try, too ..."


Week 1 - Learn the skills to take off and land paragliders safely, master basic manoeuvres, fly for over 20 minutes on your own and obtain your first pilot rating

Your new home will be one of four wooden chalets located in Verbier, a stunning town located in the heart of the Swiss Alps which is part of the ‘Four Valleys’ ski area and combines beautiful scenery with a vibrant nightlife. Each morning you will wake to eat a delicious breakfast before joining your instructors and fellow students on the deck to be briefed about the day’s activities. The first week will be based at ‘ground school’ to learn the valuable skills required to safely take off and land from a small hill, always with the watchful supervision of your qualified instructors. The week will be dedicated to learning about the paragliding equipment, safety procedures that need to be observed, and how to take off and land successfully and extremely safely. Anyone who is apprehensive about the safety of paragliding need not worry; accidents are barely ever heard of and only arise when people have not followed adequate safety procedures. Therefore on this trip accidents simply will not occur as our instructors are so experienced, professional, and aware of the measures that need to be observed to fly safely. On roughly the third day you will progress from learning the basics to taking solo flights. By the end of the week you will have advanced so much you will be flying for twenty minutes or more on your own. Completing the BHPA (British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association) Elementary Pilot syllabus will give you your first pilots rating IPPI 1 licence (International Pilots Proficiency Information card).

The evening meal is provided six days a week and everyone will take it in turns to help the chalet manger Jo cook the dinner, which will be enjoyed outside watching the sun descend behind the snow-capped mountains. You can have a barbeque, chat about the day’s adventures. On the seventh day you can have a day off to relax, explore the beautiful area and fill your journals with the awesome adventures you have had so far.


Week 2 and 3 - Learn more skills and the physics behind paragliding to become a proficient paragliding pilot with an IPPI level 3 license

The second and third weels will take us up to the mountains again to learn the new skills and more advanced techniques that will take you soaring higher and higher. Spending some time in the classroom will teach you subjects including meteorology, aerodynamics, and the principles of flight; to give you an increased understanding of the way paragliding works and improve your paragliding technique. Modern paragliders developed from parachuting canopies and operate similarly to hang-gliders. They contain a row of cells that are open at the front and closed at the back, which inflate with air to form an aerofoil shape and produce lift. Rising air that comes from thermals (columns of rising air from the sun-heated ground) or ridge-lifts (formed when winds encounter a ridge on the landscape) keep the paraglider aloft. Learning from the experts will give you the knowledge to master ways of staying afloat on the rising air, thus enabling you to go for hours at a time and adding to your paragliding enjoyment. Paragliding enthusiasts speak of the immense calm and tranquillity they feel when flying solo across miles of countryside, due to the amazing silence and weightlessness they feel when soaring through the air. Having lessons about the way paragliding operates will arm you with all the knowledge you need to feel entirely calm and confident in the sky. By the end of the week you will complete the club pilot syllabus and qualify as an IPPI 3 rated pilot, an internationally recognised licence that certifies a pilot has reached the standard that they can fly alone without supervision.


Week 4 - Increase your kills to a high level of flying

Your final week will involve huge amounts of airtime to progress your skills even further. Our instructors will fill your brains with even more knowledge about the physics of flight, and teach you skills, including how to find thermals and use the moving warm air to keep you going for hours. You will also learn how to master more complex turns, achieved by pulling down on one side of your control and shifting in your harness. Some of the planet’s top paragliding professionals will be there every step, turn and flight of the way, offering amazing advice and masterful words of wisdom to progress your flying safely further. The final night spent on this amazing four week adventure will give you a chance to celebrate your amazing achievements whilst practising your French once more. As you watch the sun going down behind the Alps on this Verbier paragliding adventure you can toast to your amazing accomplishments, bidding ‘au revoir’ to your instructors but ‘bonjour’ to the world of adventure that is out there for a newly qualified paraglider!

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