Learn Spanish and Surf in Ecuador...
Costs£490 / $816 (US) / €550
Group SizeUpto 20
Dates08 May to 05 Jun 2011
15 May to 12 Jun 2011
22 May to 19 Jun 2011
29 May to 26 Jun 2011
05 Jun to 03 Jul 2011
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  • 12 Jun to 10 Jul 2011
  • 19 Jun to 17 Jul 2011
  • 26 Jun to 24 Jul 2011
  • 03 Jul to 31 Jul 2011
  • 10 Jul to 07 Aug 2011
  • 17 Jul to 14 Aug 2011
  • 24 Jul to 21 Aug 2011
  • 31 Jul to 28 Aug 2011
  • 07 Aug to 04 Sep 2011
  • 14 Aug to 11 Sep 2011
  • 21 Aug to 18 Sep 2011
  • 28 Aug to 25 Sep 2011
  • 04 Sep to 02 Oct 2011
  • 11 Sep to 09 Oct 2011
  • 18 Sep to 16 Oct 2011
  • 25 Sep to 23 Oct 2011
  • 02 Oct to 30 Oct 2011
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  • 06 Nov to 04 Dec 2011
  • 13 Nov to 11 Dec 2011
  • 20 Nov to 18 Dec 2011
  • 27 Nov 2011 to 25 Dec 0201

Learn Spanish and Surf in Ecuador: Full Itinerary

- Costs

Pound sterling (£) US Dollar ($) Euros (€)
2 weeks 490 816 550
4 weeks 966 1610 1085
8 weeks 1605 2675 1803
12 weeks 2342 3903 2630

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Weeks 1 onwards - Learn to speak Spanish, learn to surf along 60 km’s of coastline, visit islands off of the Galapagos Islands, live in thatched rooms, relax on the beach, become a local in a South American beach town

Your Ecuadorian adventure will begin when you plane touches down in Guayaquil – the ‘financial capital’ of Ecuador – where you will be met at the airport by a private taxi. The taxi will transport you to Montanita – a small beach town on the Pacific Coast, where miles of sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. This beautiful paradise will be your home for the coming weeks. Your accommodation for your stay in Montanita is in a stunning Cabana (thatched room) with an en-suite bathroom. The camp boasts a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, living lounge with TV / DVD, and large communal kitchen. There are also various fruit trees, palms and plenty of hammocks to relax in – all dotted around the camp. The accommodation is perfectly positioned, being just a five minute walk from the Spanish school, town and beach!

On weekdays, participants on this Ecuadorian adventure will have four hours of Spanish lessons, in small groups. The lessons comprise of two 55 minute sessions (with 15 minute breaks in the morning and the same in the afternoon), which concentrate on developing student comprehension of the four main language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Learning to speak Spanish from the very first day and practising it in specially designed exercises (such as role plays, situational dialogues and work projects) will not only improve your Spanish vocabulary and accent, but also give you the confidence to actively use and improve your Spanish outside the classroom. During the lessons, you and the group will not be stuck in a boring classroom environment like some schools, but often either on a balcony overlooking the sea, in the town, on the beach or anywhere else you fancy! Spanish is easiest to learn when you are in a Spanish environment, so the lessons take advantage of this, and encourage you to mix with the local people of Montanita.

When it is high tide, you will all head off to the beach to have your surfing lesson with our professional instructor. You will have surfing lessons from Monday to Friday, before you have the weekends to yourselves to practice. Any surfing novices will be taught the basics to begin with, before you join the instructor who will perfect your technique so that by the end of the holiday, you should be looking like a pro surfer! Anyone that surfs already will be provided with a variety of professional tips to improve your surfing technique, as well as teaching you some cool tricks!

When you are not learning Spanish or surfing, the time is yours to explore the surrounding area, relax on the beach, hang out in local cafes and bars, or just find a hammock to chill out in. The main street in the evening turns into a lively area and you can all go for a meal, have a drink in one of the local bars or visit the local night clubs and party the night away.

Also, during your stay, you will go on a trip to Isla Del Plata – a beautiful island that is home to the blue-footed boobies, along with a variety of other spectacular birdlife; you will also go on a surf excursion along the coast. (See below for more information about the trip and excursion.) Along with these tours, you will also have the opportunity to go on extra, exciting tours in the area.


Included Tours - Go on some brilliant tours during your stay to Isla del Plata to see amazing wildlife such as blue-footed boobies and sea lions, and enjoy a surf tour around Ecuador’s spectacular beaches

Also included in our holiday of a lifetime is a trip to Isla Del Plata and a surf excursion.
Isla del Plata
Isla del Plata – literally meaning ‘Silver Island’ – was apparently given its name because a pirate called Francis Drake at the end of the 14th century took treasures from Spanish ships and buried them on this island. According to the legend, much of this treasure has never claimed and is still hidden there.

Your tour to Isla del Plata will begin with a drive to Puerto Lopez, where you will explore the area, visit Agua Blanca (an archaeological site) and have a look around the local fishing village. You will then go by boat to Isla del Plata and on the way, you might see some stunning marine life and hopefully even a humpback whale (normally seen between June and September).

Once you arrive at the uninhabited island of Isla del Plata, you will be able to see a variety of different sea birds, such as frigate birds, albatrosses, boobies and the most famous of this area: the blue-footed boobies with their infamous blue feet! We will also get to observe sea lions and porpoises around the base of the island.

Surf Excursions
Most Saturday's you will go on a one day surf tour, where you will be travelling along the 60 km’s of surf breaks, looking for the best ones to surf, such as Ruta Del Sol, Olon, La Entrada, Rio Chio and Las Tunas.


- Additional tours – Go on additional trips whilst in Ecuador

Throughout your Yomps Surf and Spanish Adventure, there will be ample opportunities to go on a number of other trips and excursions for an additional cost. These include:

  • A horseback riding excursion to waterfalls in Olon, or a four to six hour horseback ride through the lush rainforest located just a few kilometres from the coast
  • A mountain biking or walking trip to the Olon cascades
  • Day trips to the Guayaquil Stadium, to watch Latin American football rivalries
  • A trip to run, walk or horseback ride up stunning forested valley areas
  • A trip to some of the beautiful nearby coastal areas, including Isla del Pelado (Bald Man’s Island), to scuba dive. Here, you can become PADI certified, or a qualified rescue diver or Divemaster!
Anyone that does not want to dive can go snorkelling instead, in the gorgeous nearby places
  • A weekend kite surfing course (available between June and December)
  • A paragliding course (available in summer).

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