Fiji Divemaster Internship...
Costs£2450 / $4850 (US) / €3495
Group Size5 - 12
Dates07 May to 17 Jun 2010
18 Jun to 29 Jul 2010
30 Jul to 09 Sep 2010
10 Sep to 21 Oct 2010
22 Oct to 02 Dec 2010

Fiji Divemaster Internship

"The most flexible Divemaster internship programme on the planet!"
Jacqui, Fiji

Obtain a PADI Divemaster diving qualification in Fiji, get experience working in the dive industry, dive with experienced Divemasters to learn the trade, scuba dive to see Fiji’s incredible marine life, learn about equipment maintenance and cylinder filling, volunteer on marine conservation projects to help endangered coral reefs, explore stunning Fijian islands and obtain a qualification to work in the scuba diving industry on this remarkable Fijian diving adventure!

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Ever wanted to learn to be a Divemaster whilst living on a beautiful remote island paradise in Fiji? Ever dreamt of floating in crystal waters each day as you earn your PADI Divemaster qualification, before watching the evening sun go down from the golden sands of a palm-fringed beach? Ever hoped of doing this as you help with marine conservation measures that ensure the protection of the fragile coral reefs for future generations? With this Divemaster internship and marine conservation programme, you have the opportunity fulfil your diving dreams!

The islands of Fiji contain some of the best diving locations in the world, making them a perfect location for anyone wanting to take their diving to a new level and become a Divemaster. Here in the tropical waters amid a startling array of marine life, you will earn a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Divemaster qualification, obtain experience by working with dive professionals, learn various aspects of the Divemaster’s role and acquire a range of diving skills that are not covered on a normal Divemaster course. Indeed, this Divemaster course varies from normal Divemaster courses by allowing its participants far more flexibility and freedom. As you learn on the course, you can decide with your instructor how you want your programme to progress and if you want, he will teach you new skills that are not covered on the course, such as tank filling, equipment maintenance and more.

Whilst you learn your PADI Divemaster qualification, you will have the opportunity to aid projects that aim to survey the amazingly beautiful coral reefs that surround the Fijian islands. The coral reefs support an extraordinary biodiversity and play a central role in supporting the coastal communities and fragile coastline of Fiji, yet are increasingly under threat of destruction. You will help to implement vital marine conservation measures that aim to protect the coral reefs, collecting data that can be used to identify sections of the coral reefs requiring protection and monitoring the recovery rates of such areas.

As well as learning how to scuba dive and helping to implement marine conservation measures, participants also have the opportunity to live in the Fijian community and be immersed in the unique culture and way of life of this part of the world. You will also have the opportunity to learn the Fijian language and Fijian cookery, ensuring you are never stuck for a delicious recipe or sunny greeting again. Whether you are looking for an amazing way to spend a gap year, career break or are looking to enter into the world of the scuba diving profession, this trip will take you beneath the waves and on the adventure of a lifetime!

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