Florida Divemaster Course...
Costs£4075 / $6742 (US) / €4735
Group SizeUp to 12
United States of America
Dates02 May to 12 Jun 2010
13 Jun to 24 Jul 2010
25 Jul to 04 Sep 2010
22 Aug to 02 Oct 2010
17 Oct to 27 Nov 2010

Florida Divemaster Course

"I’m now a Scuba Instructor and Boat Captain in the Cayman Islands. We’re happy and fulfilled"
Steven, Graduate

Join the ultimate Divemaster course in Florida with a Five Star PADI Dive Centre. Obtain PADI dive qualifications in Open Water (unless already qualified), Advanced Open Water, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Drift Diver, U/W Navigator, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Nitrox Diver, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster, get Emergency First Responder/CPR qualifications and log 60 dives on the world’s third largest barrier reef with over one hundred dive sites. Dive with stunning marine life such as goliath groupers, lobster, turtles, barracuda, corals, tropical fish, stay at a beachfront Fort Lauderdale hotel, become a PADI Dive Professional and have the most amazing scuba diving experience of your life!

This Open Water to Dive Master scuba diving course is going to be six weeks of pure fun, hard work and immense satisfaction in achieving your first professional PADI qualification. Florida is your home for the coming weeks and the ‘sunshine state’ will be living up to its name, along with stunning marine life, brilliant diving and home to some of PADI’s top instructors in the world. This course is no ordinary scuba diving course; this is the ‘crème de la crème’ of dive training. Here, you will do a lot of diving, that includes a many different qualifications and qualify in subjects that other dive centres charge a lot more for. If you already have some of the diving qualifications then your course will be changed to fit in with your requirements.

You will begin your six weeks of learning with the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Open Water diving qualification. This will be in the form of lectures from our instructor and practical exercises in the swimming pool followed by four open water qualifying dives in the sea. You will then be ready to move on to the advanced course where you will do five further dives and theory lessons in a variety of subjects such as digital underwater photography, peak performance buoyancy, underwater naturalist and deep diver. Upon completion, you will gain the Rescue Diver qualification, which involves learning a variety of lifesaving skills above and below the surface, as well as completing the Emergency First Response first aid course.

Moving on to Master Scuba Diver, which is the highest recreational diving qualification before moving into the professional levels, will see you completing five topics: PADI Night Diver, PADI Deep Diver, PADI Underwater Navigator, PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver and PADI Drift Diver. Each day you will have classroom lectures followed by the dives for the speciality.

With these qualifications under your diving belt, the final weeks of learning commence to gain you the Dive Master qualification. Days will be long, with lectures, practical work and lots of studying in the evening, but all the hard graft will be worth it. The Divemaster module is broken into three areas; Knowledge Development, Practical Skills and Stamina, and Practical Application. We will progress though the weeks working closely with our instructor who we will assist in various areas of the dive industry from welcoming clients through to leading dives.

Becoming a Dive Master is no easy feat, but the rewards at the end of the course will outweigh all the hard work of the past six weeks and ready you for either an amazing knowledge of diving or the qualifications to start working in the scuba diving industry. You will now have the qualifications to work as a dive professional!

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