Swiss Paragliding Pilots Course - Yomper Stomper (4 weeks)

Learn to paraglide safely and successfully, fly in Switzerland above the stunning Alps in your paraglider, paragliding lessons from top instructors, see amazing scenery on cross country flights, gain the internationally recognized IPPI 3 licence qualification that can take you paragliding anywhere in the world, and have the thrills of a lifetime experiencing one of man's oldest dreams, that of human flight!

Next trip running : 14 Aug 2011

Wildlife Training in South Africa, 4 Weeks - Yomper Stomper (4 weeks)

Learn the skills of a safari guide, discover how to survive in the South African bush, master the art of tracking wildlife, drive a 4x4, camp out in the wilds, shoot a rifle, see the ‘big five’, witness a variety of birds, identify a plethora of plant species, successfully qualify as having the knowledge of a field guide and have a fantastic adventure!

Next trip running : 10 Nov 2011

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