"Yomps came to us highly recommended and we have been hugely impressed with their levels of service, professionalism and long term commitment. They will be of huge importance to our volunteer projects in Central and South America. Apart from that their trips look amazing, real one of a kind adventures and if I was a bit younger I would be straight off on one”

Dom Williams, The Phoenix Project, September 2006.

Today there are a huge array of travel opportunities available for the year abroad markets. There are expeditions, volunteering organizations, training courses, adventure travel opportunities and much more.

What we have done is picked the best of the bunch, packaged them together, used our contacts to make them the cheapest possible, our experienced international staff to run them safely and enjoyably but ultimately to offer you some amazing unique experiences as part of or as the whole of your overseas travel experience.

The list below highlights some of our core commitments to you:

  • Knowledge: All Yomps office staff visit the trips regularly, and have all volunteered (traveled) themselves, so they have an in depth knowledge about the trip, destination, other things to do and see as well as advice on travel issues and what to take.
  • Support: Unparalleled in the field support through Yomps network of regional offices.
  • Security: High levels of safety and emergency procedures through thoroughly researched expedition sites and trip itineraries.

The Experience of a Life Time:

At Yomps we work hard to ensure you have the experience of a lifetime through responsible adventures off the beaten track. You will learn new skills, meet new friends, experience cultural activities that are just not available to tourists and you will have the time of your life.

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