YOMPS is dedicated to Responsible Tourism. All of the volunteer projects that YOMPS supports directly benefit either the environment, the local community, or both. All projects are carefully chosen, with specific attention being paid to their involvement in the sustainability of all their practices / project goals.

All of our projects and expeditions issue the participants with clear guidelines on responsible tourism, all specific to the particular environment / region. These cover a number of issues ranging from waste disposal in remote areas, recycling materials, buying from local businesses and not exploiting the wildlife or harming the environment.

To follow is a list of ways in which YOMPS ensures that we act responsibly at all times – both financially, environmentally and socially.

Economic Responsibility

  • If you choose a Yomper Stomper with a Volunteering element a % of your fee will be donated directly to the project you are working with.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Using local suppliers and businesses
  • Sustainable practices in project operations
  • Working from home in the UK and North American offices
  • Recycling in UK and North American offices
  • Partnership with Climate Care to offset flights – both staff and volunteers

Social Responsibility

  • Pre departure information and training
  • On site training in local customs and cultural norms
  • Host country staff
  • Education and training of local communities
  • Education and training of individual volunteers

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